Sleeps With Dogs

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sleeps with dogs, sleeping dachshund, dachshund, wiener dog, doxie

This is going to shock absolutely no one…but I sleep with my dog.

It didn’t start out that way.

When I first brought Ollie home, I was adamant that he would sleep in his own bed in the living room. And he did. For about six months.

Then he discovered the glory of napping with pillows and blankets and people and began crying every night, just begging to burrow under the covers.

I, obviously, caved and now cuddling up with that furry little furnace every night is part of my bedtime routine. Although he can be a bed hog.

Do you sleep with your dog(s), cat(s), or any other pets? A large percentage of people do, so don’t be embarrassed! (I’m secretly hoping someone fesses up to sleeping with their pet kangaroo or something equally exotic.)

Pssst. I don’t make my bed, either.

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This or That: Pom Pom Swim Coverups

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I love a good bargain, but this one came about a little differently. Usually you find an item that you really really love but can’t afford and you hunt and hunt before jumping for joy upon finding a suitable, more budget-friendly, alternative.

In this case, two nearly identical pom pom swim coverups are discovered, the cheaper one months before the more expensive version. I fell in love with this $20 Old Navy pom pom coverup this spring, which fueled my pom pom obsession, and snatched up two in every color. My eyes about popped out of my head this week when I stumbled across this Letarte coverup at Off 5th for 10x the price.

I mean…

pom pom swim coverupsLetarte pom pom coverup $238
Old Navy pom pom coverup $20

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How To Pick Ripe Avocados

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oh hey how to pick ripe avocadosYou probably don’t know this, but one of my super powers is the ability to pick ripe avocados. I don’t like to brag, but it’s true. I can pick a perfect avocado with 100% (-ish) accuracy. I’ve embraced this gift and have even included it in my online dating profile. Which may explain why…oh, nevermind.

Here are my tips for how to pick ripe avocados…

At the grocery

  • If you want to eat your avocado in a few days…
    • Choose a firm fruit. Relax your hand and touch your thumb to your ring finger — it should feel like the palm of your hand.
    • Look for an even medium green skin color.
    • It should feel heavy for its size.
    • You want the stem intact. This comes in handy later — read on!
  • If you want to eat your avocado right away…
    • Choose a fruit that is firm but with a bit of give. Relax your hand and touch your thumb to your middle finger — it should feel like the palm of your hand.
    • Look for even dark green-black skin color.
    • It should feel heavy for its size.
    • Remember to keep that stem intact!


At home

Want to make sure your avocado is ready to enjoy? Have an avocado that you think might be a bit over-ripe? Flick the stem off and look underneath. If it’s green and fresh, your avocado is ready to eat! If it’s brown or spotted, your avocado is past its prime.

how to tell if an avocado is ripe

More Avocado Tips

  • Want to speed up the ripening process? Put your avocados in a paper bag overnight and they’ll be perfect in a day or two.
  • Need to ripe avocado right now? Wrap your avocados in tinfoil and place in a 200 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. Voila!
  • Want to slow down the ripening process? Store your avocados in the refrigerator and pull them out a few days before you plan to use.
  • If you’re saving part of your avocado for later, prevent it from turning brown by wrapping tightly in plastic wrap so that none of the flesh is exposed to air.
  • To slice, don’t waste your money on any of those fancy gadgets. If your avocado is ripe, a butter knife will due to halve, loosen the skin and pit, and slice or dice.

ripe avocados

photos for Oh Hey by Samantha White-Wilson

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Worthy of the Week

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worthy of the week yellow roses friend zone

Worthy of the Week

Book of the Week

Ruth Reichl’s Delicious! isn’t getting rave reviews, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed it! The plot is kind of a hot mess, touching on everything from the Underground Railroad to WWII and cake decorating to locksmithing. There’s also a romance, super-sleuthing, and a road-trip thrown in for good measure, but it was all interesting enough to keep me reading.

What are you reading this week?

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Five Favorite: Green

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I’ve been a bit of a Pinterest addict these past few months. A casual user from the coveted invite-only beginning, Pinterest has become oh so important to blogging that I knew I had to make it a priority and down the rabbit hole I fell.

I have fifty-some odd Pinterest boards, but I tend to get obsessed with one or two at a time. Recently, it’s been all about my favorite color.

Here’s my five favorite green pins

hanging jelly plantervia Angus & Celeste

bulldog puppy on green stoolvia Indigo Crossing

round green couchvia Emily Henderson

a bird named kiwi

via Twigs & Honey

green felt shirtvia Other

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